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Dr. Charlene Harber hails from the lush northern coast of Astoria, Oregon. She grew up on a farm that has been in her family for almost a century. She spent most of her time in the great outdoors with family and playing as many sports as she possibly could while acquiring the status of valedictorian during her high school career.


Chiropractic care was introduced to Dr. Charlene during her years of collegiate Track and Field at the University of Arizona. To keep up with the long hours of training, her coach sent her to a local Chiropractor for care. Not only did Chiropractic help get her out of pain, but it also helped improve her overall health and performance. This passion for the benefits of Chiropractic care eventually led to Dr. Charlene becoming a Chiropractor herself.


Dr. Charlene finished her undergraduate studies at Western Oregon University with a Bachelors in Exercise Science in 2015. Along with her passions for Chiropractic, sports, and the outdoors, Dr. Charlene enjoys traveling to different parts of the world. Before beginning her education at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California, Dr. Charlene took some time to explore several countries in Asia and Europe. During that time of travel, she was able to spend 4 weeks at a Chiropractic internship in Germany, loving every minute of it.


At Palmer West Dr. Charlene was a member of the Sports Council, an Intern for the Community Outreach Program, and a member of Palmer West’s club soccer team. Outside of her class time, Dr. Charlene worked as an assistant for several different clinics in the Bay Area. This led to a wide range of experiences within the Chiropractic realm.


Dr. Charlene loves living in Reno and providing care for the wonderful people here. She is trained in several different adjusting techniques and is one of the few chiropractors in the region who is Webster Technique Certified. Webster Technique is a certain type of analysis and adjusting procedure used by Chiropractors to optimize the function of the pelvis and sacrum. This technique is especially beneficial for women throughout their pregnancy journey. 


Dr. Ben Adleburg is a Florida native, born and raised in Madison, Florida. His first exposure to chiropractic medicine was as a child when he saw his father’s active lifestyle negatively impacted by severe neck pain. He saw his father’s shift from an energetic outdoorsman to a couch-ridden shell of himself. Luckily, the small town’s only chiropractor lived a few houses down and heard of Mr. Adleburg’s situation. After a short period of chiropractic care, Mr. Adleburg was back to living the active life of which neck pain had sidelined him from. 


“After seeing that transformation, especially at such a formative age, the seed for the power of chiropractic medicine was planted. Chiropractic was a part of my lifestyle throughout my youth and athletic career and I attribute a large part of never being injured to having consistent chiropractic care. It gives me great pride to be a part of a profession that has done so much for not only my family, but my community.” 


Dr. Adleburg earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California. He was part of the Palmer West’s Sports Council and Intern Community Outreach Program. Dr. Adleburg also holds two degrees from Lincoln Memorial University; his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology earned in 2011 and a Masters of Business Administration in 2013. 


A graduate of Lawton Chiles High School in Tallahassee, Florida, Dr. Adleburg went on to play collegiate baseball where he was an all-conference player at North Florida College and then a team captain, selected by his coaches and teammates, at Lincoln Memorial University, a Division-II powerhouse in East Tennessee. He continued in the athletic arena by serving as an assistant baseball coach and Director of Baseball Performance at Lincoln Memorial University (2011-2015) and Louisburg College (2015-2016). 

When he’s not in the office caring for the greater Reno area, you can find Dr. Adleburg in the great outdoors on the hiking trail, the slopes, or exploring all the unique experiences Reno has to offer. 

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